Lottosend Review: Is Lottosend Legit or a Scam?

Websites for the online lottery are a moderately new inclusion in the gambling world and are presenting limitless opportunities. These sites enable you to buy lottery tickets throughout the world. Therefore, you are not only restricted to your local ones.

Lottosend Review: Is Lottosend Legit or a Scam?

Take part in the globe’s hugest jackpots and become a possible winner! When selecting a site to purchase online tickets from, it is important to select one that is very dependable and trustworthy.

Keep in mind that in case one of your tickets wins, you should trust that firm to cash in on your behalf and give you your winnings without any problem. World records have broken recent jackpots; for instance some months back there was a Powerball win of $1.6 billion. 

Therefore, to become a big winner, play it safe by observing the following points when choosing an online lottery service website.

What are the Qualities of an Effective Online Lottery Site?

As genuine lotteries signify real cash used on tickets, obviously, the most vital element to establish is the website’s good reputation. As earlier stated, trustworthiness and reliability are crucial. 

Another proof of the online lottery site’s quality is the range of its offerings. Which lotteries throughout the world are you able to purchase tickets to, from this site?

It is also important to consider the type of gambling you are able to do. Think of how it operates and the odds available.

Defining an Online Lottery Agent

Two kinds of firms are available which enable you to purchase lottery tickets online. A lottery agent presents a firm that buys a ticket on your behalf. For example, if you purchase an Oz Lotto ticket online, the firm shall send an agent to a local Oz lotto retailer so as to purchase a ticket and fill out the digits you picked. In a lot of instances, they shall then scan the ticket then transmit it to your account so that you can get confirmation.

The firm shall keep the ticket until the outcomes are made public. In case you become a winner through numerous methods, they shall either get you the cash or get you the ticket in order for you to redeem it. 

Alternatively, other firms exist that are not real agents: instead, their work is to enable you to ‘bet’ on the outcome. For example, if you ‘purchase’ a ticket for MegaMillions through them, they are not actually going to purchase the ticket.

In case you win, you will obtain payment from them from their personal accounts. These kinds of firms generate more cash from your purchase as in actual fact, they did not personally purchase the ticket. 

However, they pay massive insurance fees in the event that someone wins. In this regard, they need to pay back a huge amount. Companies like these can provide bonuses, unlike lottery agents.

Group Play Option

In a lottery syndicate, a group of individuals share the expense of a lottery ticket as well as all its possible winnings. This makes it cheaper to play the lottery and raises your winning chances, even though the winnings shall be smaller.

For example, the price of a lottery ticket might be $10. A lottery syndicate having 300 individuals may purchase 10 lottery tickets each day. In the course of the month, this totals to 300 lottery tickets for $10 each person. 

This offers each person in the syndicate 300 possibilities to win for just $10. But, in case one of the tickets for the syndicates wins $15,000,000, every syndicate member shall only obtain $50,000.

It is not correct for you to believe you are only able to play the lottery in your own state. Lottosend is a unique service company that offers people all over the globe the comfort of purchasing lotto tickets from literally anywhere. Lottery tickets are bought online from Lottosend.

Information about Lottosend

Lottosend provides lottery-purchasing services for any person from any place around the globe, from their global offices. You can select from 15 worldwide lottery games and the firm’s team of experts will be very happy to purchase the tickets on your behalf, inform you when you become a winner and pass the tickets to you after you hit a jackpot prize.

How Lottosend Operates

The concept is extremely easy; it is similar to you requesting a person from other section of the globe to purchase your lottery ticket on your behalf. This is the way Lottosend operates. 

From when Lottosend was established, they have provided services to millions of individuals from all over the world and 1 million of them have become winners of prizes worth $50 million and more.

Among the leading lottery games that they provide are SuperEnalotto, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, La Primitiva and a lot more. Even though you purchase the tickets from Lottosend, similar rules, similar play options and similar winning chances are applied.

Ticket Purchasing Procedure

Three steps exist for a transaction to be successful with Lottosend:

1. Go to the official website of Lottosend at and open an account.

2. After you have managed to open an account, make a deposit of the cash amount you want.

3. Select your lottery game(s), select your digits and the expert representatives of the firm from around the globe shall purchase the tickets for you.

After the representatives have purchased your ticket, you shall obtain a scanned duplicate of the authentic ticket and if you become a winner, a notification will be sent to you through email and SMS from their customer support team.

If you become the winner of a secondary prize, the team shall claim the claim on your behalf, deposit the cash in your account and you can withdraw it whenever you want.

If you become a Grand Prize or jackpot winner, you will need to go to the state of the lottery game, obtain the ticket from the local office of Lottosend and claim your prize at the certified lottery organization.

The Security and Dependability of Lottosend

To purchase lottery tickets online, your top priority should be your money’s security and safety. Lottosend is a site that is secure and safe, which has provided services to millions of individuals all over the globe. 

Actually, if your purchase is not satisfactory for you, the firm can offer you a total reimbursement for your initial purchase. Payments through Master Card, American Express, Sofort, Visa, Diners Club, iDeal, GiroPay, and Moneybooker are accepted.

So Is Lottosend Legit?

Yes is a %100 safe and legit website to use for purchasing lottery tickets online from anywhere in the world.

All About the Biggest US Powerball Lottery Jackpot Record

The jackpot for Powerball continues to roll, approaching the mark of half a billion! In July 28, 2016, the draw for Wednesday night did not produce any top prizewinners. At $478 million, the jackpot made history and gained the title of the 5th hugest Powerball jackpot ever!

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Powerball Lottery’s Hugest Jackpot

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According to Arizona Lottery Executive Director, Gregg Edgar, this jackpot was the hugest from when $1.6 billion jackpot was hit in January. ‘These huge jackpots are thrilling for our retailer partners, our players and obviously, the Lottery itself. These jackpots which go to almost half a billion dollars greatly affect proceeds benefiting services and programs which serve Arizona.’ 

The jackpot for Saturday night has been expanding from May 11. 22 continuous drawings have occurred and a grand prizewinner has not been named yet. This is going to be 2016’s third Powerball jackpot to be included in the list of the leading 10 hugest lottery jackpots ever. Also, it marks the eighth hugest jackpot in all jackpot games history.

John & Lisa Robinson, Powerball Winners: 5 Fast Facts...
John & Lisa Robinson, Powerball Winners: 5 Fast Facts... from
With an approximated $478 million jackpot available, the winner of Saturday night is going to have the choice of obtaining the windfall of $478 over an annuity of 30 years or choose an approximated one-time cash payment of an excess of $330 million.

Apart from the historic jackpot, players for Powerball have eight more methods of winning thrilling cash prizes that vary from $4 to $1 million after buying one Powerball ticket worth $2. Players are also able to buy a Power Play for an additional $1 for the opportunity to increase their winnings up to five times, for non-jackpot.

About this jackpot in the news: