All About the Biggest US Powerball Lottery Jackpot Record

The jackpot for Powerball continues to roll, approaching the mark of half a billion! In July 28, 2016, the draw for Wednesday night did not produce any top prizewinners. At $478 million, the jackpot made history and gained the title of the 5th hugest Powerball jackpot ever!

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Powerball Lottery’s Hugest Jackpot

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According to Arizona Lottery Executive Director, Gregg Edgar, this jackpot was the hugest from when $1.6 billion jackpot was hit in January. ‘These huge jackpots are thrilling for our retailer partners, our players and obviously, the Lottery itself. These jackpots which go to almost half a billion dollars greatly affect proceeds benefiting services and programs which serve Arizona.’ 

The jackpot for Saturday night has been expanding from May 11. 22 continuous drawings have occurred and a grand prizewinner has not been named yet. This is going to be 2016’s third Powerball jackpot to be included in the list of the leading 10 hugest lottery jackpots ever. Also, it marks the eighth hugest jackpot in all jackpot games history.

John & Lisa Robinson, Powerball Winners: 5 Fast Facts...
John & Lisa Robinson, Powerball Winners: 5 Fast Facts... from
With an approximated $478 million jackpot available, the winner of Saturday night is going to have the choice of obtaining the windfall of $478 over an annuity of 30 years or choose an approximated one-time cash payment of an excess of $330 million.

Apart from the historic jackpot, players for Powerball have eight more methods of winning thrilling cash prizes that vary from $4 to $1 million after buying one Powerball ticket worth $2. Players are also able to buy a Power Play for an additional $1 for the opportunity to increase their winnings up to five times, for non-jackpot.

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