5 Tips on How to Win the Lottery

You may have heard about some fortunate individuals who win huge lottery jackpots and may have asked yourself whether they have a secret plan that raised their winning chances.

The reality is that there is not secret or trick, which makes some players, lose and others win.

Here are 5 tips that may help increase your chances of being a lottery winner:

1. Obviously, purchasing extra tickets can raise your prospects of becoming a lottery winner. This is a law of chance that is simple; the issue is that you shall need to spend much to make this worthwhile. The first step in enhancing your odds is purchasing a lottery ticket.

2. Pooling your cash with other players of lottery normally referred to as a lottery syndicate signifies you will be in possession of more tickets and numbers, raising winning chances.

Obviously, you shall have more individuals to share the cash with; however, it is possible that you will benefit more if you get a jackpot of $500 million to be shared between 10 individuals, for instance! Playing group games or syndicate is a definite method of raising your odds, without the need of spending a lot.

3. Avoid selecting consecutive numbers. In case you are playing a jackpot that has 5 winning figures that run up to 55, your numbers’ sum needs to be between 104 and 176. Studies indicate that 70% of each lottery jackpot has totals that fall in this range. 

4. Avoid selecting all your figures from similar set of numbers or the ones whose last digit is the same. It is probable that you may be a winner; however, the prospects are very low.

5. Play lotteries, which are less popular, with fewer players and therefore reduced rivalry. LottoSend has such lotteries that are not well known, such as Eurojackpot, SuperLotto and SuperEnalotto, whose jackpots are smaller but with better odds!

How to Win the Lottery