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Playing Spanish Lottery Games Online

As jackpots begin at €2 million with a €101.7 million standing record, Spain La Primitiva is among the most enticing lotteries available. Making a guess of the six key figures as well as matching the Reintegro figure will enable you to win this remarkable prize.

Select your figures today and begin playing La Primitiva online while in South Africa, to gain from this Spanish lottery’s fascinating winning odds.

Playing Spain La Primitiva Online

When you engage in playing Spanish La Primitiva online on, you shall manage to select your lottery numbers in the same manner you would at other ticket providers.

Where La Primitiva is concerned, you just need to select six figures from an established guess range of 1-49. Apart from these, you shall be allocated a Reintegro number automatically, from 1-10. 

To become a winner of the huge jackpot of Spain La Primitiva Jackpot, you should guess each of six of these key numbers and you should be in possession of the winning Reintegro number also.

Details of the Reintegro Number

There are many lotteries that have bonus or additional numbers in their regulations of gameplay, for instance the EuroMillions or US Powerball. Normally, these are selected by players from a varied guess range, rather than the one fixed for the key numbers in the game.

This is the exact reason the Reintegro number greatly varies from other bonus numbers of lottery. The Reintegro number is allocated automatically to the lottery tickets of the players without letting them select it themselves. This offers the Spanish lottery an additional element of thrill!

When La Primitiva Lottery Draws are held

Spain La Primitiva Lottery’s winning numbers are drawn twice a week, at 21:30 Spanish Time. Officials of the Spanish Lottery draw the six key numbers as well as Reintegro number, to find out the lucky winners of the wonderful prizes in the game.

When this Spanish lottery is played on Lottosend, you shall obtain a notification regarding your winnings immediately following the draw.

Spanish Lottery